2 Jan 2024

Unveiling the Threads of Connection: A Unique Reading Experience

When a friend approached me with an unusual request to conduct a reading for both him and a woman he shared a profound connection with, I found myself stepping into uncharted territory. Until that moment, my experience had been limited to readings for individuals, but the prospect of delving into the shared energies of two souls intrigued me enough to overcome my initial nervousness.

During the session, I connected with the intertwining energies of the two souls, navigating through the vast tapestry of their shared existence. It was a fascinating journey, as I downloaded the story of their connection spanning multiple lifetimes. Each chapter revealed the depth of their bond, providing insights into the reasons behind their continuous reconnection across the eons.

The session not only unveiled the intricacies of their past lives but also shed light on the purpose of their reunion in the present timeline.  Facilitating this exploration brought me immense satisfaction - it was a unique privilege. 

Since that transformative session, I've been approached by others intrigued by the prospect of exploring connections beyond the individual. I am pleased to announce that the demand has led to its inclusion as an ongoing service. 

 As I continue to offer these unique sessions, I look forward to unravelling more stories, fostering understanding, and guiding individuals on their shared journeys of self-discovery and connection.

Love and Light, 

Donna x

1 Oct 2023

Welcoming Cher: A Journey into Psychic Mastery

Greetings, dear readers,

Today, I am thrilled to introduce you to an incredible individual who has embarked on a transformative journey under my guidance. Over the past few months, I have had the privilege of working closely with a remarkable apprentice, Cher, as she delves into the mystical world of tarot cards and psychic phenomena.

Cher's dedication and passion for this ancient craft have truly impressed me. As her mentor, it has been immensely rewarding to witness her growth and development. She has not only embraced the art of tarot but has also delved into a specially designed course that I have meticulously crafted to nurture her budding talents.

As we continue this journey together, I am not only teaching Cher the technical aspects of tarot but also guiding her towards a deeper understanding of herself and the energies that surround us all. It is a holistic approach, nurturing both her psychic abilities and her spiritual well-being.

Stay tuned as Cher's journey unfolds, and let her experiences inspire you on your own spiritual quests. Together, we will explore the depths of the unknown, one tarot card at a time.

Please take a look at Cher's new bio page.

Love and Light, 

Donna x

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